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Dr Henderson

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Smart Ergonomics Helps Doctor Reclaim Health

By discovering A-dec's solutions for optimal doctor positioning and movement, the former cycling champion turns debilitating muscle strain into a lesson in working pain-free.

Work without pain. That's all Dr. Keith Henderson wanted after more than a decade of declining health due to the physical demands of dentistry. It consumed hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to treat symptoms, but Dr. Henderson never made progress before identifying the root cause of his suffering: poor ergonomics.

The San Diego-area doctor and former collegiate cycling champion says he learned the hard way. The mounting aches, numbness, and fatigue had become all-consuming, which ultimately led him to take a physician-prescribed hiatus away from the treatment room. He alleviated the pain, but only as long as he didn't practice dentistry.

The real epiphany came after consulting with an ergonomist: he needed to relearn patterns that would improve his health. Investing in A-dec served as a catalyst.

Dr Henderson Dental Operatories

Dr. Henderson installed A-dec 500 chairs equipped with Continental delivery systems—and freed up space by transforming four operatories into three, a solution that created greater efficiency and flow. And by strategically configuring options from A-dec's Preference Collection, the entire dental team was able to work in a dramatically more comfortable and ergonomically correct environment.

“In some ways, A-dec saved me. I felt I was a few years away from not being able to practice at all,” says Dr. Henderson. “If you don't have your health, there is no way you can carry out life to its fullest.”

The outcome changed his life.

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“I thought I was a few more years away from not being able to practice at all.”

–Keith C. Henderson, DDS
San Diego, CA


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